• Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (Volume 27, Number 11) lead front page story about Michael MacCoss receiving the 2015 ASMS Biemann Award from his work in bioinformatics and software for "omics" researchers (Skyline and Panorama). 
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    • NCI eProtein feature
      Viewing the Targeted Proteomics Horizon with Skyline
    • Nature Methods chooses targeted proteomics as Method of the Year in 2012
      Targeted proteomics
    • NCI eProtein feature
      Open Source Software Tool Skyline Reaches Key Agreement with Mass Spectrometer Vendors
    • PROTEOMICS article
      Free computational resources for designing selected reaction monitoring transitions
    • Q-MOP Symposium review
      Quantitative proteomics: A central technology for systems biology
    • NCI eProtein spotlight
      Skyline: Building a Bigger Net for Targeted Proteomics

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