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In 2016, members of the Aebersold lab at ETH, Zurich - with help from CRG, University of Washington, Purdue and Biognosys - presented the last week long course on targeted proteomics with SRM, PRM and DIA to 30 participants. During the course, the participants worked through 9 tutorials with follow-up exercises. This material has been made freely available on the Targeted Proteomics Course web site, providing a great resource to anyone interested in learning more about Skyline method editing and data processing (8 Skyline + MSstats + mProphet tutorials)

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Targeted Proteomics CourseETH Targeted Proteomics Course

* - written on Skyline v3.5

You can also watch the presentation videos.

In 2018, many of the same instructors with some new additions presented the second week long course on DIA/SWATH for proteomics to 50 participants. That course included new tutorials and lectures aimed at teaching DIA/SWATH data processing and use in proteomics research, with some very nice examples using Skyline. You can download them form the same location.

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* - written on Skyline v4.1

You can also watch the DIA/SWATH Course presentation videos.

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