Attached to this page you will find Skyline settings files created by SCIEX as helpful defaults for the QTRAP and TripleTOF instruments.

To load these settings files into Skyline, perform the following steps:

  • On the Settings menu, click Import.
  • Select one of the .skys files.
  • Click the Open button.

This will add a new menu item to the Skyline Settings menu, either QQQ_QTRAP_Environment or TripleTOF_Environment depending on which file you imported.  To change the settings on your current document, simply choose one of these menu items.  This will change the document settings to the defaults that AB SCIEX has created for their instruments.


Note that if you employ explicit tuning parameters such as Explicit Collision Energy or Explicit Declustering Potential these must be absolute values (i.e. positive numbers). When writing transition lists for negative ion mode operation, Skyline will automatically express them as negative values.

  Attached Files  

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