Watch one of these instructional videos for a quick start using Skyline in your targeted proteomics experiments.  Although these three videos were recorded in 2009 and refer exclusively to the Skyline SRM support, they still provide a good bit of useful information about Skyline and how it may be used in setting up targeted proteomics experiments, even when using full-scan mass spectrometers.  For a more complete overview what you can do with Skyline, please refer to the Skyline tutorials.

Learn more about creating SRM/MRM methods in 28 minutes.

Video Demo Video Demo 1

Learn more about results analysis and method refinement in 25 minutes.

Video Demo Video Demo 2

Learn more about importing existing experiments and isotope labeled reference peptides in 27 minutes.

Video Demo Video Demo 3

Watch the Skyline trailer video

Video Trailer Video Trailer

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