(This tip applies to Skyline-Daily and later.)

When enabled, the audit log will keep track of all changes that are made to the current document. The audit log is stored as a separate file (.skyl), alongside with the skyline document.

The audit log can be accessed from the View menu. The audit log is displayed in a grid, similar to the document grid. In the top right corner audit logging can be enabled or disabled.

For new documents, audit logging is enabled by default.

Reasons to enable Audit Logging

•Reproducibility: The audit log makes it easy to see what changes were made to a document and can be used to reproduce a document step-by-step. 
•Collaboration: If multiple people are working on the same document it can be helpful to have a record of what each person has done to the document. 
•Troubleshooting: If the user encounters an error in Skyline, the audit log can be helpful for the Skyline team to diagnose and fix the issue.


Full details can be found here (PDF).

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