If you use Skyline in your experiments, please cite our Bioinformatics 2010 Application Note, listed below.
If you use Skyline for calibrated quantification, please cite our Clinical Chemistry 2017 Letter, listed below.
If you use Skyline MS1 filtering, please cite our Mollecular Cellular Proteomics 2012 paper, listed below.
If you use Skyline for collision energy optimization, please cite our Analytical Chemistry 2010 paper, listed below.

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Presentations and posters:

  • Pratt, ASMS 2017 Poster
    Recent Advances in Skyline: Further Improvements in Small Molecule Targets and Ion Mobility
  • Pratt, ASMS 2015 Poster
    Recent Advances in Skyline: Small Molecule Targets and Ion Mobility Filtering
  • Thompson, MSACL 2015 Poster
    Skyline for small molecules: a flexible tool for cross-platform LC-MS/MS method creation and data analysis for metabolomics
  • MacLean, ASMS 2014 Presentation
    Rapid Processing of Large Scale Quantitative Proteomics Projects: Integration of Skyline with the CHORUS Cloud
  • Amodei, ASMS 2014 Poster
    A multi-site, Skyline-based comparison of DIA peptide detection and statistical confidence tools
  • MacLean, ASMS 2013 Poster
    Integration of mProphet chromatogram peak identification probability model into Skyline
  • Amodei, ASMS 2013 Poster
    An Instrument-Independent Demultiplexing Method for Computationally Improving the Specificity of Data-Independent Acquisition
  • Eckels, ASMS 2013 Poster
    Sharing targeted proteomics assays using Skyline and Panorama
  • MacLean, ASMS 2012 Presentation
    Targeted Proteomics Quantitative Analysis of Data Independent Acquisition MS/MS in Skyline
    [pdf] [PowerPoint] [video]
  • Sharma, ASMS 2012 Poster
    Panorama: A private repository of targeted proteomics assays for Skyline
  • Egertson, ASMS 2012 Poster
    Multiplexed Data Independent Acquisition for Comparative Proteomics
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    Skyline: Targeted Proteomics with Extracted Ion Chromatograms from Full-Scan Mass Spectra
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    Developing system suitability criteria and evaluation methods for proteomics experiments
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    Effect of Collision Energy Optimization on the Measurement of Peptides by Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) Mass Spectrometry
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    Automated Creation and Refinement of Complex Scheduled SRM Methods for Targeted Proteomics

Invited reviews:

  • US HUPO News 2011 TechTalk - Skyline: A Bridge Between Discovery and Targeted Proteomics



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