Kristin Geddes   Kristin Geddes received her B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences from the University of Delaware. She began her career as Medical Technologist focused on Virology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Kristin joined Merck Research Labs in 2006 and has developed analytical experience across a host of analytical platforms and a wide range of modalities, including small molecules, siRNA and proteins. She spent several years in the RNAi group, developing and applying new analytical techniques to support this unique nucleotide-based modality. More recently, Kristin’s primary focus has been on protein analysis from tissues, where she has collaborated with several groups to automate and apply protein quantitation in tissue.

Implementation of Panorama into Daily Workflows and Quantitative Protein PK Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Setting

With the continued growth of protein therapeutics in the biopharmaceutical industry, great progress has been made in terms of sample preparation and instrumentation in support of bioanalysis of these molecules. Current LC/MS-based workflows to quantitate these molecules within biological samples often utilize Skyline for data analysis. However, the transition from detailed data analysis within Skyline to routine outputs such as reports for customers and collaborators, and inputting processed data into standard pharmacokinetic data analysis workflows continues to be an often time consuming challenge. Read More
We have employed Panorama as a tool to facilitate the translation of Skyline documents into user friendly, interactive quantitation reports. In addition to the previously supported calibration curves and data tables, Panorama now calculates basic figures of merit and pharmacokinetic parameters. These expanded capabilities within Panorama facilitate shortened data-processing and analysis cycle times and provides a valuable communication and visualization tool to analyst and collaborators alike.