Buyun Chen   Buyun Chen, Ph.D., received her B.S. from Fudan University and PhD from University of Georgia. She has worked in Abbvie and Genentech after graduation. She is currently the leader of DMPK biomarker and proteomics Working Group of Genentech and serves on the steering committee of the Bioanalytical Focus Group of AAPS.

Important considerations for LC-MS based drug transporter quantitation

PBPK modeling is gaining wider regulatory acceptance for supporting decisions on whether, when, and how to conduct certain clinical pharmacology studies and to support dosing recommendations in product labeling. However, when transporters play a major role in drug disposition, PBPK modeling faces challenges of lacking physiological data such as transporters’ expression abundance and their demographic differences. By employing LC-MS based targeted proteomics approach, DMPK community has generated data on various transporters’ abundance. Read More
However, significant variation (up to 100 fold) between different assays leaves transporter related PBPK modeling remained to be difficult. In our study we used MDR1 as an example to show how different surrogate peptide could impact the quantitation result and why.