Paul Auger   Paul Auger is currently a Senior Scientific Researcher in the Biomarker Development department at Genentech where he develops quantitative assays for both potential diagnostic and phamacodynamic biomarkers to support the biomarker strategies of therapeutic molecules in the clinic. Prior to joining Genentech Paul held multiple industry positions including similar roles at Amgen and Human Genome Sciences. Paul obtained his Undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and his Masters from Johns Hopkins University.

Automated quality control and system suitability in Panorama for peptide and small molecule analysis

Rapid and automated standard analysis and visualization was once a tedious chore for most routine mass spectrometry users. The introduction of AutoQC to Labkey’s Panorama module in 2015 was the culmination of a vision to place the assessment of multiple data metrics, inspired by Statistical Process Control in Proteomics(SProCoP), into an automated and easily accessed platform. Read More
AutoQC utilizes Skyline runner to push data into Skyline for automated processing, and then shuttles that processed data to Panorama for visualization and analysis. The establishment of the AutoQC workflow within our labs has set a baseline for instrument and assay performance. Continued utilization of AutoQC allows for rapid assessment of sample and instrument integrity.