Robert Ahrends   Robert Ahrends, Ph.D., is heading the lipidomics group at ISAS (ISAS, Dortmund, Germany). He received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry, Humboldt University of Berlin. After his postdoc at Stanford Medical School, he started his own lab. Here his team focusses on global and signaling lipidomics in cardiovascular research such as the heart, platelets or fat cells. Their main interest is to combine quantitative information to a true systems biology approach, answering open questions such as how platelet activation is perturbed in different disease models. To do so, targeted assay development is one of the cornerstones of the team. Therefore, the team developed LipidCreator, a transition and spectrum prediction tool for lipidomics allowing the large-scale assays generation.

LipidCreator: A new Skyline plugin for targeted LC-MS/MS-based lipidomics

We developed a native tool named “LipidCreator” to strengthen the LC-MS/MS-based targeted lipidomics workflow and to provide a user-friendly interface for lipid researchers. This tool has several features including i) using lipid building blocks, ii) latest lipid nomenclature, iii) lipid fragmentation rules, iv) transition mass-calculator, v) an in-silico spectral library generator and vi) a full integration with new small molecule support in Skyline. LipidCreator provides 5 categories, 59 lipid classes, 89 lipid mediators with multiple adducts and pre-defined fragmentation patterns. Read More
LipidCreator supports using user-defined fragment creation. Furthermore, transitions for isotope coded lipid species can be calculated. By providing an in-silico spectral library computing system for lipid species from known lipid fragmentation patterns, LipidCreator bridges the gap between targeted and non-targeted LC-MS/MS-based lipidomics.