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The hub for targeted proteomicsmsoste2013-11-13 10:19msoste2013-11-13 10:19
Great User's meeting at ASMS 2012Yishai2012-06-04 04:35Yishai2012-06-04 04:35
Thank youAlex Jones2012-01-17 04:05Alex Jones2012-01-17 04:05
Skyline is great :)ng.babaei@yahoo.com2011-08-24 18:33ng.babaei@yahoo.com2011-08-24 18:33
Skyline = Game ChangerPeter Jackson2011-08-17 14:22Peter Jackson2011-08-17 14:22
Skyline has been indispensableThomas Neubert2011-05-27 14:30Thomas Neubert2011-05-27 14:30
Disruptive TechnologyNathan Yates2011-03-09 12:49Nathan Yates2011-03-09 12:49
Indispensible!Angela Jackson2011-03-08 18:22Angela Jackson2011-03-08 18:22
Skyline – I’m a fanSofia Waldemarson2011-02-17 09:05Sofia Waldemarson2011-02-17 09:05
UI at its best<1231>2011-02-11 03:41<1231>2011-02-11 03:41
Skyline: great software toolKarin Wolters2011-02-09 03:12Karin Wolters2011-02-09 03:12
Biomarker DevelopmentSteve Pennington2011-02-08 07:39Steve Pennington2011-02-08 07:39
Skyline: The ideal tool for quantification by SRMStephen Holman2011-02-08 02:52Stephen Holman2011-02-08 02:52
Great software.<1107>2011-02-03 22:27<1107>2011-02-03 22:27
Skyline is the ideal all-in-one solution for our targeted analysis of cell surface proteinsThomas Bock2011-01-31 01:18Thomas Bock2011-01-31 01:18
Skyline addresses a critical translational gap in our biomarker pipelineWill Thompson2011-01-13 11:13Will Thompson2011-01-13 11:13
Skyline, the best proteomics software periodBrett Phinney2011-01-12 17:36Brett Phinney2011-01-12 17:36
Skyline is an essential tool for all mass spectrometry labsChris Wu2011-01-10 13:57Chris Wu2011-01-10 13:57
Skyline: An open source software that supports your SRM workflow from the start to the endChristina Ludwig2010-12-18 04:56Christina Ludwig2010-12-18 04:56
Skyline: a necessary tool for evolving proteomics labsSusan Abbatiello2010-12-15 19:10Susan Abbatiello2010-12-15 19:10
Skyline: Everything you could ever ask for in a targeted proteomics software toolLisa Zimmerman2010-12-09 09:36Lisa Zimmerman2010-12-09 09:36
Skyline: full support for easy MRM assay development and implementationBirgit Schilling2010-12-08 19:27Birgit Schilling2010-12-08 19:27
Skyline is a valuable tool for targeted proteomicsJeff Whiteaker2010-12-03 10:52Jeff Whiteaker2010-12-03 10:52