The six annual Skyline User Group Meeting took us to Indianapolis, ID and our meeting location was on the 48th floor of the Building.  With perfectly clear weather and 20-miles of visibility, the 360-degree view was simply breathtaking.  The meeting was held Sunday, June 4, before the 2017 ASMS conference and 150 attendees heard about the latest targeted proteomics and "omics" research approaches -- using Skyline and Panorama.  After a brief introduction by host Dr. Mike MacCoss, the event featured 11 speakers on a wide spectrum of ways that researchers were using Skyline to tackle innovative mass spectrometry projects.  Just like last year, the User Group Meeting also solicited presentation topics from the user base -- and the speakers were selected from culling through submitted abstracts.  The meeting featured full length (20 min.) presentations, as well as rapid-fire "lightning talks"  -- in which speakers had the unenviable task of culling down their current key research into a 5 minute speaking window.  Check out the recordings of the sessions below. We've also posted the presentation slides in the links below for your continued reference. 

Lastly, we'd like to give a heart-felt "thank you" to all of our speakers who prepared and gave up their pre-ASMS Sunday make the Skyline User Group Meeting an event not to be missed.  And to those who attended this year, we hope to see you all at a future Skyline User Group Meeting! 


Michael J. MacCoss, Ph.D. (University of Washington):
Introduction and event host

Matt Rardin Ph.D.(Amgen):
Improved Quality Control Workflows and Other Panorama Updates

Eralp Dogu, Ph.D. (Mugla Sitki Kocman University):
MSstatsQC: An R-based Tool to Monitor System Suitability and Quality Control Results for Targeted Proteomic Experiments

Michael Schirm, Ph.D., (Caprion):
Analysis of Large Scale MRM Studies Using Skyline

Simone Sidoli, Ph.D., (University of Pennsylvania):
DIA for Differential Quantification of Isobaric Phosphopeptides and Other Protein Post-translational Modifications

Adam Officer, (Broad Institute):
Skyline Metadata Annotation and Automation of Robust Data Processing via Panorama Allows for Facile Analysis of High Throughput Targeted Proteomics Data

Brendan MacLean, (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington):
Status of the Skyline open-source software project 9 years after its inception

Lightning Talks

Shadi Eshghi, Ph.D., (Genentech):
A Workflow for Quality Assessment, Quantitation and Statistical Inference of Targeted Proteomics Data using Skyline and Panorama

Matt Foster,  Ph.D., (Duke University):
A Targeted Proteomic Assay Quantifies the Periodic Expression of Cell-cycle Regulators in Yeast S. Cerevisae.

Tania Auchynnikava,  Ph.D., (University of Edenburgh):
Deciphering Mechanisms of Epigenetic Inheritance with MSX-DIA

Juan Chavez, Ph.D., (Univerity of Washington):
A General Method for Targeted Quantitative Cross-Linking Mass Spectrometry

Yang Zhang,  Ph.D., (Amyris):
High Throughput Small Molecule Detection Using Automated Skyline Targeted Workflow