Yang Zhang   Yang Zhang, Ph.D. is a Bioinformatics scientist in the Scientific Computing group at Amyris, a synthetic biology and renewable chemicals company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He obtained a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from New Mexico State University with a minor in statistics. Read More
His current work is focused on supporting metabolomics and proteomics data storage and analysis. 

High Throughput Small Molecule Detection Using Automated Skyline Targeted Workflow

The DARPA-funded milligrams-to-kilograms (M2K) program at Amyris aims to biosynthetically produce 450 molecules starting at mg scale, and eventually produce 10 molecules at kg scale within a 4 year time frame, in a number of microbial hosts. This mission will be impossible without the aid of high throughput metabolomics and proteomics measurements on microbial strains. Previously, manual LC/MS data processing required multiple manual operations. Based on skylinerunner, the command line version of Skyline, we created customized scripts that reduced the processing time by at least a 100-fold, enabling the processing of thousands of samples per day with minimal human intervention. With no compromise in accuracy, the optimized workflow improves efficiency, freeing lab personnel to focus on experiment design or robust data acquisition.