Michael Schirm   Michael Schirm Ph.D., is the Associate Director of the Mass Spectrometry group at Caprion Biosciences. Michael received his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Montreal under the supervision of Prof. Pierre Thibault. His research focused on the detection and characterization of protein glycosylation in bacterial systems.   Read More
In 2005, Michael joined the MS group at Caprion where Michaels’ research interests include the development of robust and reproducible workflows for the quantification of peptides and proteins in various matrices, and the development of novel proteomics methods to solve challenging analytical problems for clients.

Analysis of Large Scale MRM Studies Using Skyline

Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) is routinely used for protein biomarker qualification, verification and validation in large clinical cohorts. A typical study may include the monitoring of several hundreds of peptides across hundreds or thousands of plasma/serum samples. Peak integration of these large scale data sets is both very challenging and time consuming, due to the need for manual inspection and correction of incorrectly integrated peaks. This presentation will focus on the development of a high-throughput peak integration workflow for the analysis of large-scale proteomics datasets using Skyline and in-house developed tools. Datasets containing several hundreds of thousands of peaks can be integrated and QC’d within 2 days with a minimal amount of manual inspection. This same workflow is also used for the automatic monitoring of instrument performance (sensitivity, RT reproducibility and peak width of target peptides) during the analysis of the study samples.