The fifth annual Skyline User Group Meeting was held in the 107-year old Gunter Hotel  -- one of the most historic and continuously operating grand hotels in San Antonio, TX.  The meeting was held the Sunday, June 5, before the 2016 ASMS conference and the room was packed with 200 attendees hearing about the latest targeted proteomic and "omics" research approaches -- using Skyline.  After a brief introduction by host Dr. Mike MacCoss, the event featured 10 speakers on a wide spectrum of ways that researchers were using Skyline to tackle innovative mass spectrometry projects.  This year, the User Group Meeting also solicited audience topics from the user base -- and selected from culling through submitted abstracts.  In addition to full length (20 min.) presentations, this years meeting also featured rapid-fire "lightning talks"  -- in which speakers had the unenviable task of culling down their current key research into a mere 4 minute talk with 1 minute for Q&A.  Despite the wildly truncated format, the lightening talks were as informative as they were amusingly fast-paced -- be sure to check them out in the recordings below. We've also posted the presentation slides in the links below for your continued reference. 

Lastly, we'd like to give a heart-felt "thank you" to all of our speakers who prepared and gave up their pre-ASMS Sunday make the Skyline User Group Meeting an event not to be missed.  And to those who attended this year, we hope to see you all at a future Skyline User Group Meeting! 


Michael J. MacCoss, Ph.D. (University of Washington):
Introduction and event host

Josh Eckels (LabKey):
Improved Quality Control Workflows and Other Panorama Updates

Jay Kirkwood, Ph.D. (Colorado State University):
The Flux Capacitor: Using Skyline for efficient processing of LC-MS/MS metabolic flux data

Brendan MacLean, (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington):
Status of the Skyline open-source software project 8 years after its inception

Diana A.T. Nijholt, Ph.D. (Erasmus MC):
Validating PZP as a biomarker for presymptomatic Alzheimer’s disease using targeted proteomics approaches

Lindsay Pino, (University of Washington):
Applying lessons learned from targeted mass spectrometry to data-independent acquisition (DIA) assays

Thierry Schmidlin, (Utrecht University):
Extending Selected Reaction Monitoring to Monitor Diet-Induced Neuropeptide Signaling

Lightning Talks

Matthew MacDonald, Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh):
Synaptic Protein Networks in Neuropsychiatric Disease

Bing Peng, (ISAS):
Adaptation of Skyline for Targeted Lipidomics

Chris Petzold, Ph.D. (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab):
A Skyline-based workflow for rapid development of high-throughput quantitative proteomic assays

Qi Tang, (ProteinT Biotech):
Edited transition and RT information in Skyline library improves DIA quantification of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) proteomes