Josh Eckels has lead development on proteomics related projects for LabKey Server over the past 10+ years, and he currently oversees Panorama development. He is experienced in security-related projects, client-side end user applications, and server-side development. Prior to joining LabKey, Josh worked most recently on's data warehouse, developing the software that schedules and executes loading and querying of more than 30 terabytes of data. Before that, he was the team lead for the debugger for BEA System's WebLogic Workshop. At LabKey, he focuses on mass spectrometry, other assay types, experimental annotations and general infrastructure. Josh has a BS in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University.

Improved Quality Control Workflows and Other Panorama Updates

Panorama is a web-based complement to Skyline, used by more than a hundred organizations to manage, analyze, and share targeted mass spec data generated by Skyline. Read More
Since being unveiled at ASMS 2015, Panorama’s support for QC workflows has expanded significantly. With input from the SProCoP team and the user community, new and improved metrics, automation, and visualizations build on the previous functionality. Additionally, Skyline and Panorama now include document version tracking for method building and other workflows, and Panorama now supports small molecule data. This presentation will demonstrate the new capabilities and outline plans for Panorama’s ongoing development.