Diana A.T. Nijholt, Ph.D. received her doctorate degree in neuroscience at the university of Amsterdam in 2012 and joined the research group of Dr. Luider, department Neurology, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam in the same year. Here, she continued her studies on neurodegeneration, particularly Alzheimer’s disease, with a renewed focus on the discovery and validation of biomarkers for the early presymptomatic stage. She has gained expertise in the field of targeted mass spectrometry, including SRM and PRM assays.

Validating PZP as a biomarker for presymptomatic Alzheimer’s disease using targeted proteomics approaches 

Our group previously identified PZP as a potential serum biomarker for presymptomatic Alzheimer’s disease. A targeted MS method (SRM) including stable isotope labelled peptides was set up in our laboratory for absolute quantification of PZP. Measurements were performed on a Xevo TQ-S triple quadrupole (Waters) mass spectrometer. We make use of Skyline for method optimization (transition selection, collision energy) and data analysis of the PZP SRM method. Read More
We are currently quantifying PZP in a larger sample set (n=300) to validate its use as a biomarker, using Skyline as an analysis tool. These data will be presented during the user meeting. In addition, several other biomarker candidates (e.g. ApoE, CR1) will be analysed in SRM and PRM mode. This work is performed as part of the Dutch Biomarker Development Center, (www.biomarkerdevelopmentcenter.nl) aimed at validating potential biomarkers for use in the clinic.