Josh Eckels   Josh Eckels has lead development on all proteomics related projects for LabKey Server over the past 7 years, and he has made invaluable contributions to the Panorama project over the past year. He is experienced in security-related projects, client-side end user applications, and server-side development. Prior to joining LabKey, Josh worked most recently on's data warehouse, developing the software that schedules and executes loading and querying of more than 30 terabytes of data. Before that, he was the team lead for the debugger for BEA System's WebLogic Workshop. At LabKey, he focuses on mass spectrometry, experimental annotations and general infrastructure. Josh has a BS in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University.

Panorama: targeted proteomics repository software for Skyline

Panorama is an open-source and freely available repository server application for targeted assays that is designed to facilitate sharing and querying across large pools of targeted proteomics experiments. It has been implemented as a module in LabKey Server, a biomedical data management platform with rich support for proteomics data. LabKey Server provides a flexible and secure infrastructure for data sharing, ease of deployment, and the ability to incorporate other biological information supported in the LabKey environment. Panorama is tightly integrated into a Skyline-based proteomics workflow allowing researchers to publish documents to a Panorama server, mark assays as representative, and download libraries containing data from validated assays that can be used for designing new targeted methods, or comparing with newly acquired data.

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