Joseph Brown   Joseph Brown, Ph.D., is a senior scientist in the Biological Sciences Division at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories. His work focuses on using high-throughput “-omic” technologies to investigate the global response to pathogenic viral infections within humans and nonhuman primates. Joseph earned a BS in molecular biology at the University of West Florida. In 2002, he joined the laboratory of Dr. Maureen Goodenow at the University of Florida, studying the response of primary monocyte-derived macrophages to HIV-1 treatment/infection. He then extended his research to the proteomics realm when he joined Dick Smith’s group at PNNL as a post-doctoral fellow studying a number of viruses, including monkeypox, influenza, and HIV-1.

Effective design and analysis of multiplexed quantitative SRM data with Skyline

The first phase of a targeted quantitative study includes selection and optimization. These early decisions are the most crucial as they influence the entirety of the downstream process. This presentation will focus on how we have used the Skyline software package to effectively guide these initial phases for two large-scale NCI projects: CPTAC and EDRN.

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