Christine Carapito   Christine Carapito, Ph.D., works on developing mass spectrometry-based quantitation methods and applying them to biological systems, especially using targeted workflows. After an engineer degree in Biotechnology, she earned her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Strasbourg in the lab of Dr. Alain Van Dorsselaer in 2006, specializing in mass spectrometry-based method development for the characterization of biomolecules. She then joined Ruedi Aebersold’s group at ETH Zürich, where she worked as post-doctoral fellow on glycopeptides enrichment methods coupled to ETD fragmentation and on the generation of the human SRM atlas. In 2010, she obtained a CNRS permanent Research Scientist position at the Bioorganic Mass Spectrometry Laboratory in Strasbourg (Director: Dr. Van Dorsselaer).

Developing, transferring, sharing, combining, and bridging global and targeted quantitative methods and data in a platform-independent manner thanks to Skyline

When working on biological applications for which MS data have been acquired on various LC-MS/MS and LC-SRM platforms (ABSciex, Agilent Technologies, Bruker Daltonics, Thermo Scientific and Waters in our case), software tools available to combine and visualize those data in a platform-independent manner play a crucial role. We are using Skyline to develop targeted SRM assays (choose proteotypic peptides from libraries, optimize transitions, …), extract quantitative results from data dependent LC-MS/MS acquisitions and bridge those global and targeted quantitative results. We are also extensively using the retention time calibration/prediction functionalities to transfer methods from one to another platform and optimize chromatographic conditions.

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