2015 User Group Meeting at ASMS

On May 31st 2015, the fourth Skyline User Group Meeting was held at the Old Post Office in St. Louis, the day before the start of the ASMS conference.   Held literally a stone's throw from the front door of ASMS at America's Center, the Old Post Office venue treated attendees to a rare surviving example of grand architectural design dating back to the post-Civil War Reconstruction Period. With 220 Skyline users in attendance, host Michael MacCoss introduced the 10 speakers, in succession, who presented on a range of topics including the latest, novel approaches to using Skyline for targeted proteomics as well as exciting new functionality in Skyline to support research into ion mobility mass spectrometry and small molecules. You are invited to review the presented material now linked at the bottom of the presenter abstract pages. Click the presentation titles below to access the presentations.

Please note: In the excitement this year, we somehow managed to mute the microphone on the video recording which made it impossible to deliver useful videos of the presentations, as we have in the past. We expect to be back with full presentation recordings next year.


Michael MacCoss, Ph.D. (University of Washington):

Tom Dunkley, Ph.D., (Roche Innovation Center): 
Targeted Proteomics (and Skyline) to Characterize an In Vitro Model of Human Neuronal Development

Martin Soste, M.Sc. (Picotti Lab, ETH Zurich):
A Sentinel Protein Assay for Simultaneously Quantifying Cellular Processes

Jim Bollinger, Ph.D. (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington):
Multiplexing Clinical Protein Targets in Dried Blood Spots

Sam Payne, Ph.D. (Pacific Northwest National Lab):
Viewing and Interpreting Data within a Biological Context

Chris Shuford, Ph.D. (LabCorp):
Real-world Application of Skyline in the Development of a Clinically Actionable Protein Measurement

Erin Baker, Ph.D. (Pacific Northwest National Lab):
Utilizing Skyline to Analyze Multidimensional LC-IMS(CID)-MS Data

Laura G. Dubois (Moseley Lab, Duke University):
Expanding Skyline’s Capabilities to Small Molecule Data Analysis

Sonia Ting (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington):
Application of PECAN for confident peptide detection directly from data-independent acquisition (DIA) MS/MS data

Bruno Domon, Ph.D. (Luxembourg Clinical Proteomics Center):
Development and Implementation of Parallel Reaction Monitoring Assays

Brendan MacLean (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington):
Status of the Skyline project seven years after its inception 

Thank you very much to everyone who attended, and especially the presenters for giving your time so generously to make this fourth year such a great success!

2015 Skyline User Group Meeting

Exterior of Old Post Office, St. Louis