Samuel Payne, PhD., is a senior scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he leads the computational mass spectrometry group. Located within the larger Integrative Omics group, his team is responsible for developing tools to analyze myriad types of proteomics, metabolomics, and other high throughput data. Prior to PNNL, he was a faculty member at the J Craig Venter Institute in Rockville MD, and a graduate student in bioinformatics at UC San Diego.

Viewing and Interpreting Data within a Biological Context

Although few people think of their experiment as a massive matrix of numbers, most scientists end up staring at such a spreadsheet for an unfortunately long time. Importantly, relatively few tools exist for viewing data within the familiar context of biological processes and pathways. This presentation will highlight two tools that layer data on top of KEGG pathways annotations. First, the PNNL Biodiversity Library Plugin allows Skyline users to directly access the extensive proteomic datasets from hundreds of species and import selected data into Skyline to assist SRM assay design. Second, the Results Pathway Viewer receives data from Skyline and displays it on top of biological pathways, allowing users to explore their data more intuitively.