FHWM and FWB sstoychev23513  2023-05-15 21:53

Hi Skyline team,

Can you point me to any documentation that outlines how Skyline calculates FWHM and FWB?

Thank you

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-05-16 00:32

There was a little bit of a discussion about how fwhm is calculated here:

The FWHM value is determined by finding the two points farthest from each other within the integration boundaries where the background-subtracted intensity on the chromatogram is at least half of the background-subtracted height at the apex of the peak. Here is a page which shows how Skyline calculates the background level of an integrated peak:

If you have questions about "FWB" (full width at base), you might be asking how Skyline decides where to place the peak boundaries themselves. I do not know of anything which talks about exactly how Skyline decides where exactly to put those peak boundaries.

There is a bit more information about peak finding in section 3.3 of Dr Pino's "Skyline ecosystem" paper:
but I don't think that paper ever talks about how Skyline decides where to put the peak boundaries.
-- Nick

sstoychev23513 responded:  2023-05-16 01:03

Thanks Nick