Webinar 12

Dear Skyline Users,

We were happy to have 100 attendees to the Panorama Public and Auto QC webinar. For anyone who would like to review what was presented, we've posted the supporting files

Last week in Barcelona featured another stimulating week-long course on targeted proteomics. If you have not already attended one of these courses, your next opportunity is in the San Francisco Bay Area at The Buck Institute Targeted Proteomics Course.

We are very excited to announce our next webinar in the series, featuring two of the original instructors and organizers of these courses:

Webinar #12: Isotope Labeled Standards in Skyline

[registration closed]

When:  Tuesday, December 1, 8am (Pacific Time)
- plan for 1 hour presentation + 1/2 hour Q&A
- same content both sessions
  • Improve relative quantification using labelled standards
  • Perform absolute quantification using AQUA standards
  • Generate spectral libraries and enable confident identification of targets
  • Tips for working with synthetic peptides

This webinar will include an introduction from Brendan MacLean, Skyline Principal Developer, and presentations and tutorials from proteomic researchers Dr. Christina Ludwig, TU Munich, and Ariel Bensimon, ETH Zurich. 

Join us, learn and help us to better meet your targeted proteomics research needs.

--Skyline Team


Christina Ludwig (Proteomic Researcher)

Ariel Bensimon (Proteomic Researcher)

Review Webinar 11

Getting the Most Out of DDA Data
See video, presentation slides, and other files presented at the webinar.