Dario Amodei   Dario Amodei, Ph.D., is currently a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine, where he works on developing new acquisition methods for mass spectrometry with applications to protein network modeling and biomarker discovery. Prior to Stanford, Dario earned his PhD in physics at Princeton University on Hertz and NDSEG fellowships. His PhD work, which involved statistical mechanics models of neural circuits as well as developing novel devices for intracellular and extracellular recording, was awarded the 2012 Hertz doctoral Thesis Prize.

Multi-Instrument, Skyline-Based Comparison of DIA Peptide Detection and Statistical Confidence Tools

Data Independent Acquistion (DIA) promises sensitive, reproducible proteome-wide measurements, but also presents serious challenges of peptide detection and statistical confidence. This presentation will focus on the new advanced chromatogram peak picking model, based on mProphet, released with Skyline 2.5. It will compare Skyline automated peak picking with other available tools and algorithms and provide insights from the latest advances in Skyline peak picking to be available in the next version.