2014 User Group Meeting at ASMS

On June 15th, 2014, the third Skyline User Group Meeting was held in Baltimore at the Westminster Hall, preceding the ASMS conference.  It was a bit of a trek from the conference center, but the space achieved a new level in escape from corporate conference surroundings; a former chapel with 3 levels of seating (including a balcony), tall windows (reminding us of the sun outside), an organ behind the projection screen and outside a graveyard in which Edgar Alan Poe was buried.  At final count, a crowd of 230 people came together to share and discuss exciting uses of the Skyline software platform.  Host Michael MacCoss introduced the 10 speakers in succession with questions interspersed and a half-hour break after the fifth speaker.  As at the past two meetings, responses were very positive. You are invited to review the presented material or watch the recorded presentation videos now linked at the bottom of the presenter abstract pages. Click the presentation titles below to access the presentations.


Michael MacCoss, Ph.D. (University of Washington):

Christopher Kinsinger, Ph.D. (National Cancer Institute):
The Skyline software project for clinical proteomics: lessons learned 

Richard C. King, Ph. D. (PharmaCadence Analytical Services):
Skyline: Everyday tool for protein quantification 

Michael Bereman, Ph. D. (North Carolina State University):
Statistical Process Control for Accessing Data Quality Throughout an LC MS/MS Experiment 

Meena Choi (Vitek Lab, Purdue University):
MSstats as an external tool in Skyline – an R package for statistical analysis of quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomic experiments 

Stephen Pennington, Ph. D. (University College Dublin):
Label-free LC-MS and MRM assay development for discovery and verification of biomarkers for organ confined prostate cancer 

Dario Amodei, Ph. D. (Mallick Lab, Stanford University):
Multi-Instrument, Skyline-Based Comparison of DIA Peptide Detection and Statistical Confidence Tools 

Kristin R. Wildsmith, Ph. D. (Genentech):
Skyline & Panorama Case Study: Targeted proteomics enables Alzheimer’s disease biomarker development 

Christopher M. Colangelo, Ph. D. (Yale University):
The Integration of Skyline, Panorama, and LabKey Server Interface for R to Analyze the 2013-2014 ABRF sPRG Research Group Study 

Jeffrey Whiteaker, Ph. D. (Paulovich Lab, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center):
CPTAC Assay Portal: a community web-based repository for well-characterized quantitative targeted proteomics assays 

Brendan MacLean (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington):
Status of the Skyline open-source software project five years after its inception 

Thank you very much to everyone who attended, and especially the presenters for giving your time so generously to make this third year such a great success!