Download and build



The BiblioSpec source code is available as part of the ProteoWizard project on GitHub:

ProteoWizard git repository

A Mascot Parser license should also be requested if you intend to parse Mascot .dat files; once you receive the download instructions:

  • On Windows, the libraries should be installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Matrix Science\Mascot Parser (32-bit) or C:\Program Files\Matrix Science\Mascot Parser (64-bit)
  • On Linux, the libraries should be installed to /usr/local/msparser/gnu

You will need Visual Studio 2017 to build.


  1. Download (or clone with git) the trunk/pwiz directory from the ProteoWizard git repository.
  2. Open a command prompt (Windows), or a terminal (Linux) and cd to the root of the downloaded source files (e.g. %HOMEDIR%\Documents\pwiz)
  3. Optional: Run clean.bat (Windows) or (Linux) to remove files from a previous build.
  4. Run either quickbuild.bat (Windows) or (Linux) with the arguments: -j<number of threads to build with> --hash optimization=space address-model=<32|64> pwiz_tools/BiblioSpec > path-to-build-log-file. For example, a 64-bit Windows build using four threads may be done with the command "quickbuild.bat -j4 --hash optimization=space address-model=64 pwiz_tools\BiblioSpec > build.log". Note that "optimization=space" may be omitted for a debug build.

The resulting build will be located in the build-<os>-<architecture>/pwiz_tools/BiblioSpec directory.

Pre-compiled binaries

64 bit Windows binaries (BlibBuild.exe, BlibFilter.exe and BlibToMs2.exe) are available from the ProteoWizard automated build and test system. (If you encounter a "Log in to TeamCity" page, just click the "log in as guest" link to proceed.) Note that this download does not provide a proper installer: it's intended for updating existing installations only. It likely will not function if unzipped to a bare directory.