Create a library from an existing one such that the new library has only one spectrum for each peptide ion. The representative spectrum is chosen by taking the dot product of all pairs of spectra for a peptide and selecting the one with the highest average score.


BlibFilter [options] <redundant-library> <filtered-library>


  • <initial library> – A library file with multiple spectra for all or some peptide ions.
  • <output library> – The name to be given to the resulting library.


A library of spectra for the same peptides as the initial library, but with only one spectrum per peptide ion.


  • -m [ --memory-cache ] <size> – SQLite memory cache size in Megs. Default 250M.
  • -n [ --min-peaks ] <num> – Only include spectra with at least this many peaks. Default 20.
  • -s [ --min-score ] <score> – Best spectrum must have at least this average score to be included. Default 0.
  • -p [ --parameter-file ] <file> – File containing search parameters. Command line values override file values.
  • -v [ --verbosity ] <level> – Control the level of output to stderr. (silent, error, status, warn, debug, detail, all) Default status.
  • -h [ --help ]– Print help message.