Webinar 15

Dear Skyline Users,

The Skyline Team would like to thank the over 275 people that attended our #14 Skyline Tutorial Webinar titled Large Scale DIA with Skyline in January. We've posted a composite recording of the webinar, the presentation slides, answered Q&A doc, and other related resources from the event.

We are very excited to announce our next webinar in the series:

Webinar #15: Optimizing Large Scale DIA with Skyline

[registration closed]

When:  Tuesday, April 4, 8am or 4pm (Pacific Time)
- plan for 1 hour presentation + 1/2 hour Q&A
- same content both sessions
  • Not yet happy with Skyline for large scale DIA?
  • New tools for troubleshooting
  • Improved library building and iRT calibration
  • Creating an optimized automated workflow

This webinar will include an introduction and tutorial from Brendan MacLean, Skyline Principal Developer.

Join us, learn and help us to better meet your targeted proteomics research needs.

--Skyline Team


Brendan MacLean (Principal Developer)

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Review Webinar 14

Large Scale DIA with Skyline
See video, presentation slides, and other files presented at the webinar.