BiblioSpec is a suite of software tools for creating and searching MS/MS peptide spectrum libraries.

New in version 2.0

BiblioSpec 2.0 stores spectrum libraries as sqlite3 files. Sqlite3 is a light-weight, open-source database format which can be read and manipulated with any sqlite3 tools in addition to BiblioSpec. For more information about the library format, see the file formats page. The new format is a departure from version 1.0 which uses a unique binary format. This means that tools and libraries from the two versions are not compatible. There is, however, a conversion tool for turning a version 1.0 library into a sqlite3 library.

BiblioSpec components

The BiblioSpec package contains the following programs:

  • BlibBuild creates a library of peptide MS/MS spectra from a variety of different database search results.
  • BlibFilter removes redundant spectra from a library.
  • BlibSearch searches a spectrum library for matches to query spectra, printing the results to a report file.
  • BlibToMS2 writes a library in a text MS2 file format.
  • LibToSqlite3 converts a BiblioSpec 1.0 library to a 2.0 library in sqlite3 format.


BiblioSpec is freely available under the BSD license. Click here to go to the Download and build page.

Several reference libraries will be available soon for download.

More information

An overview of all file formats including a list of all the database search files that can be used to build libraries.