Webinar 7

We really appreciate the 150 people that took time out of busy schedules just before ASMS to join us for Skyline Tutorial Webinar #7 iRT Retention Time Prediction in Skyline in which Skyline Principal Developer Brendan MacLean gave a detailed explanation of the iRT retention time normalization and library building concept for use across changes in instruments, columns and even gradient lengths in predicting retention time for targeted quantitative peptide measurements, and showed how the approach can be applied to experiments performed with Skyline software.

Below are the slides that Brendan presented during the webinar. The tutorial content was mainly drawn from the existing written tutorial iRT Retention Time Prediction. Brendan also answered all of the questions posed during both sessions from our live audience (a great benefit to attending the webinars in person!) on our Q & A page.

We hope to see many of you at ASMS and again in June for another tutorial webinar.

-- The Skyline Team

Brendan MacLean
(Principal Developer)


Presentation Slides




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