Skyline software information

Skyline software information eo03nb  2024-06-14 04:35


I need to provide information to my institutions IT services in order to download Skyline.

Please may you provide me with the following information:

  1. Software terms and conditions URL
  2. Software privacy policy URL
  3. Software accessibility information URL
  4. Cyber Security information - for example Cyber Essentials or ISO27001/ISO27002 series and if these do not exist then a copy of the application development history,

Thank you,

Mike MacCoss responded:  2024-06-17 12:24

Hello Nicole,
Thank you for your interest in our software.

The website for Skyline is:
On this website it has a page for the license agreement:
The release notes (development history) for the formal release can be found at: Notes
We also have a "daily" (beta) release and that has more detailed released notes.

The University of Washington Privacy Statement can be found:
Also, the University of Washington website terms of use can be found at:

If you need other information, please let us know.

Mike MacCoss responded:  2024-06-17 12:28

Also, I will point out that the project is mostly open source except for libraries provided by the instrument vendors to interface with the RAW data and instrument methods. The project is part of the ProteoWizard Github repo and has a detailed record of the development history.


eo03nb responded:  2024-06-18 04:43

Hi Mike,

Thank you, this is greatly appreciated!

Best Wishes,