Issue Report: AutoQC Execution Failure

Issue Report: AutoQC Execution Failure lhy3221  2024-04-02 21:24


I am writing to inquire about an issue encountered during the execution of AutoQC same as

I received a message stating that
"The autoqc loader encountered an unexpected error."

Despite attempting to uninstall and reinstall all programs (Skyline, AutoQC), or install on another PC, the problem persisted.
Additionally, even when using the unplugged version of AutoQC, the same error persists.

Could you please provide guidance or advice on how to resolve this issue? Alternatively, if you require any further information, I am more than willing to provide it.

Thank you for your assistance in resolving this issue.

Best regards,

Nick Shulman responded:  2024-04-02 22:08
It looks like that error happens if the ListBox changes size while the main form is being created.
I imagine that whether or not this bug occurs has something to do with fonts or screen resolution on the computer.

I have made a special build of AutoQC that I think will fix this bug for you.
You can install this special AutoQC from here:

Note that because this is not an official build of AutoQC, Windows will warn you that it is from an untrusted source and you will have to hunt around for the "Run Anyway" button.

This special build of AutoQC will probably fix the bug for you. If it does not fix the bug, it will probably provide more detailed information in the .log file, so, if you run into problems with this special AutoQC please send us your new .log file.

I will try to make sure that this fix gets into an official build of AutoQC soon.
By the way, this error is very similar to an error which someone ran into with Skyline Batch which was why I believe I know how to fix it in AutoQC:
-- Nick
lhy3221 responded:  2024-04-03 05:55
Hi Nick,

I followed your instructions and it worked well.
Thank you so much for your great help.