export intensity

export intensity 1638393444  2024-01-19 08:41

I am trying to export peak intensity of my MS data of PRM on QE , but I could not find it, how can I do that?

Nick Shulman responded:  2024-01-19 08:48

If you would like to export lists of numbers from Skyline you should look at the Custom Reports tutorial:

The Custom Reports tutorial is also available in Chinese and Japanese.

The Custom Reports tutorial will show you how to create your own reports which could have lots of different data in them.

If you just want to export transition peak areas, you could use the menu item:
File > Export > Report
and choose the report called "Transition Results".

You can also see the same data by going to:
View > Document Grid
and choosing "Transition Results" in the "Reports" dropdown at the top of the Document Grid.
-- Nick