Skyline-daily asks reinstallation almost every 24 hours

Skyline-daily asks reinstallation almost every 24 hours Yao Chen  2023-08-30 15:15

Dear Skyline Team,

My colleague and I have been facing a recurring issue with Skyline daily. It prompts us for reinstallation approximately every 24 hours. Furthermore, previously processed .sky files cannot be accessed unless we go through the reinstallation process.

Once reinstalled, the program operates as expected. Yet, it appears as if Skyline was never installed before — all our reporting methods, views, and setups disappear. While we can recover most settings by opening previously processed .sky files, the reporting methods are irretrievable.

Our IT department has confirmed that they don't have any mechanism in place that would auto-delete software.

Could you please advise on how we might resolve this issue? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


Nick Shulman responded:  2023-08-30 16:31
The settings that you keep losing are stored in a file called "user.config" which is somewhere under the AppData folder in your home directory.

In a few months, Skyline-daily will make it much easier for you to find that file, but, for now, the instructions for how to find that file involve using the search box in Windows explorer, and it is detailed here:

I believe we do not know why Windows might be telling you that you need to reinstall Skyline-daily.

We have seen some similar sort of complaints:

The usual thing to do when something like this is happening is:
1. Back up your copy of user.config
2. Use the "Programs and Features" section of Control Panel to uninstall Skyline-daily
3. Install Skyline-daily from the website
4. Copy the user.config file to the place where the new installation of Skyline-daily has its settings.

-- Nick