Updating PanoramaWed to Support Version 22.2?

Updating PanoramaWed to Support Version 22.2? raweed  2023-08-03 11:24


I upgraded my Skyline Daily software to 22.2 and following that, my AutoQC loader started erroring out and gave me this error [03 Aug 2023 10:55:13,669 WARN : The version of this Skyline document is 22.2. This is newer than the highest supported version 22.13] whenever I tried to upload data to Panorama Web. Is there any possibility to update Panorama Web to be able to support newer versions of Skyline daily? If not, where can I find older versions that I could install and are supported by Panorama Web?

Thank you!

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-08-03 12:33
The latest version of Skyline-daily is called "Skyline-daily 23.0.9".
We have not yet updated Panorama to be compatible with this version of Skyline-daily.

You should use Skyline version 22.2 instead.

You can have both Skyline and Skyline-daily installed on your computer at the same time.
When you are editing a configuration in AutoQC, you can specify whether to use Skyline or Skyline-daily on the "Skyline" tab in the "Auto QC Configuration" dialog.
-- Nick
Vagisha Sharma responded:  2023-08-04 07:55
Hi Becca,

The error that is causing the document import to fail is:
"Invalid audit log. Documents with same GUID should have same first audit log entry."

Skyline embeds a unique identifier (GUID) in each document that helps Panorama identify different versions of the same document. Panorama expects the audit logs for documents with the same GUID to begin with the same first entry.

There must be another Skyline document in your PanoramaWeb project that has the same GUID as the one causing the error above, but with a completely different audit log. I've seen this happen in the following scenario:
1. Audit logging was turned on for the Skyline document.
2. The document was used to track system suitability for an instrument via Panorama AutoQC. The document's audit log is therefore not empty.
3. The document (only the .sky file) is then copied to another folder on the computer (or to a different computer) to be used with a different AutoQC configuration. Since only the .sky file was copied, the audit log file (.skyl) is recreated in the new location, and it ends up being different. The document GUID remains the same, however. This causes the error about mismatched audit logs when the document is upload to Panorama.

The correct way to copy a Skyline document is to create a shared zip file. You can do this in Skyline from the File > Share menu. The resulting sky.zip file contains all the files required for a complete Skyline document (.sky, .skyd, .skyl etc.). You can copy this file to a different location on your computer, unzip it, and use the contained .sky file as the template document for another AutoQC Loader configuration.

Another way to fix the problem that you are seeing is to open the document in Skyline, and save the file to a different location with File > Save As. This will assign a new GUID to the document.

You can read more about Skyline file types and extensions here: https://skyline.ms/wiki/home/software/Skyline/page.view?name=file-types
Skyline audit logging: https://skyline.ms/wiki/home/software/Skyline/page.view?name=audit-logging

I hope this helps,