407 Proxy Authentication on Skyline batch startup

407 Proxy Authentication on Skyline batch startup sam_gsk  2023-06-19 01:02

Every time I start skyline batch, it seems to do an online check and appears to be blocked by my network security.
I get a connection graphic, then the attached error, I receive a 407 proxy authentication error and the program does not start .
Is there a way of suppressing this online check on startup or working off line.

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-06-19 09:23

Towards the end of the following pull request, I gave someone a .zip file containing a build of Skyline-batch:

I believe that if you install Skyline Batch from that .zip file, you will have a Skyline Batch which never goes to the internet to check for a new version.

If that .zip file solves the problem for you, then it sounds like we should release "Unplugged" installers for Skyline Batch, just like we do for Skyline itself.
-- Nick

sam_gsk responded:  2023-06-20 09:10

Thank you Nick for providing this off-line installer
I will install this and give feedback here once completed
Many thanks for your help

sam_gsk responded:  2023-07-03 03:14

Hi, Thank you. I have downloaded this zip file, and installed it, but it still attempts to connect to the internet when it launches
Can you please help me find a version of skyline batch that does not connect to the internet on launch

Thanks, Sam

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-07-03 05:49
In the screenshot that you included with your first post, the error message mentioned that more details could be found in a file.
Can you send us the file that is mentioned in that error message?
(When you are looking at a message like that, I believe that you can press Ctrl + C to copy the entire text of the error message which might save you the trouble of typing out that very long file path)

The file that it is telling you to look at for more details will probably give us a better idea of what part of the SkylineBatch program is causing this problem which will make it easier for us to fix it.
-- Nick