Prosit Server Unavailable with Skyline Latest Version

Prosit Server Unavailable with Skyline Latest Version cm748  2022-12-01 08:14

I have just updated Skyline to the most recent version and am getting the "Server Unavailable" error with Prosit (attached image), as are my colleagues so I don't think it's a problem my end with connection etc. Could you advise?

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Nick Shulman responded:  2022-12-01 08:20
We have received a few reports of Prosit not working, but we believe it works for most people.
We have a theory that some IT departments might be blocking the outgoing port number 8500, but we have not actually seen any real evidence of this.
You might be able to get Prosit to work if you switch which network your computer is on, by, for instance, connecting it to your cell phone's hotspot.

There is a really detailed answer from Brendan near the end of this support request:

-- Nick