Cannot read Bruker .d without TIMS enable

Cannot read Bruker .d without TIMS enable ho-tak lau  2022-11-15 11:10

Hello Skyline Team,

I have a set of TimsTOF pro2 files (.d) that Skyline sees them as normal folders rather than spectra files. These data are recorded as MS1 or MRM mode without TIMS enabled. Is there a way to force Skyline to read them?

MSConvert also see them as normal folder, so I cannot convert them manually.

I can upload a few of them if that will help.


Nick Shulman responded:  2022-11-15 11:30
In order for Skyline to recognize that a .d folder is a Bruker folder, the folder needs to contain a file with one of the following names:

If your .d folder does not contain a file named any of those things, then Skyline probably will not be able to understand the data that you have.

If you would like, you could zip up one of your folders and send it to us and we could take a look.
You can upload them here:
-- Nick
ho-tak lau responded:  2022-11-15 12:14
Hi Nick,

I have uploaded a folder that Skyline sees as a normal folder. There is a tsf file. I am on Skyline (7f626e76d).
Nick Shulman responded:  2022-11-15 12:51
Support for "analysis.tsf" is a new feature which is only available in Skyline-daily. It does not work with Skyline 22.2.

I think if you use Skyline-daily everything will work.

You can install Skyline-daily using the "Skyline-daily (beta)" button on the main Skyline page:

-- Nick
ho-tak lau responded:  2022-11-15 13:10
OK. I will try that.

Thank you.