Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts thomlau  2011-09-16
Hi all,

Is there a file or list somewhere with all the keyboard shortcuts for skyline? I'm going through a large batch of peptides and replicates and my hands feel like falling off!


Brendan MacLean responded:  2011-09-16
Hi Tom,
Sorry, there is not. I agree that I should write one of these. For the time being, though, I have tried very hard to put everything with a useful keyboard shortcut on the menus, and the short-cuts are listed in those menus. So, explore the menus.

Please let me know, if you feel there is something important that is missing a useful keyboard shortcut.

Brendan MacLean responded:  2011-09-16
Hi Tom,
Also, if you would be willing to let me watch you work, I would be happy to set up a WebEx to determine if there is anything I can do to help improve the situation for you, whether that be teaching you shortcuts that exist in Skyline or implementing new shortcuts.

Even if I just teach you shortcuts that will give me ideas on what to document better.

thomlau responded:  2011-09-16
Thanks Brendan,
I found the main ones I need in the menu. I don't think there are any that currently missing and should be included. However, there are some such as "edit note" which would be better served by a single button rather than a "shift+ another keypress" but these are just little things that only affect you during marathon 8 hour skyline sessions!

Thanks again
Brendan MacLean responded:  2011-09-16
Hi Tom,
If you could add a complete list to this thread of the ones you find cumbersome but high use, I will make an effort to improve them.

Thanks for your feedback.

tobias.kockmann responded:  2017-07-06
Is there still no list of keybindings available?
Erik de Graaf responded:  2019-06-17
Indeed this is still something very much needed!
Allison Haase responded:  2019-10-01
Hi All,

Here is a list of the Key bindings I could easily find in the molecule interface. I hope it helps!

Edit – Undo                            Ctrl+Z
Edit – Redo                            Ctrl+Y
Edit – Cut                            Ctrl+X
Edit – Copy                            Ctrl+C
Edit – Paste                            Ctrl+V
Edit – Delete                            Del
Edit – Select All                        Ctrl+A
Edit – Find…                            Ctrl+F
Edit – Find Next                        F3
Edit – Edit Note                        Shift+F2
Edit – Manage Results                    Ctrl+R
Edit – Expand All – Molecule Lists                Ctrl+E
Edit – Expand All – Molecules                Ctrl+D
Edit – Expand All – Precursors                Ctrl+W
Edit – Collapse All – Molecule Lists                Ctrl+Shift+E
Edit – Collapse All – Molecules                Ctrl+Shift+D
Edit – Collapse All – Precursors                Ctrl+Shift+W
Edit – Integration – Apply Peak to All                Ctrl+Shift+A
Edit – Integration – Apply Peak to Subsequent        Ctrl+Shift+S
Edit – Integration – Remove Peak                Ctrl+Shift+R

File – New                            Ctrl+N
File – Open                            Ctrl+O
File – Save                            Ctrl+S

View – Arrange Graphs – Tiled                Ctrl+T
View – Arrange Graphs – Tabbed                Ctrl+Shift+T
View – Chromatograms – Previous Replicate        Ctrl+Up
View – Chromatograms – Next Replicate            Ctrl+Down
View – Transitions – All                    Shift+F10
View – Transitions – Precursors                Alt+F10
View – Transitions – Products                Ctrl+Alt+F10
View – Transitions – Single                    F10
View – Transitions – Total                    Ctrl+F10
View – Transform – None                    Shift+F12
View – Transform – Interpolated                F12
View – Transform – Second Derivative            Ctrl+F12
View – Transform – Savitzky-Golay Smoothing        Ctrl+Shift+F12
View – Auto-Zoom – None                    Shift+F11
View – Auto-Zoom – Best Peak                F11
View – Auto-Zoom – Retention Time Window        Ctrl+F11
View – Auto-Zoom – Both                    Ctrl+Shift+F11
View – Retention Times – Replicate Comparison        F8
View – Retention Times – Replicate Comparison        Ctrl+F8
View – Peak Areas – Replicate Comparison            F7
View – Peak Areas – Molecule Comparison            Ctrl+F7
View – Mass Errors – Replicate Comparison            F6
View – Mass Errors – Molecule Comparison            Ctrl+F6
View – Library Match                        Alt+1
View – Results Grid                        Alt+2
View – Document Grid                    Alt+3
View – Audit Log                        Alt+4