Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts thomlau  2011-09-16 10:33
Hi all,

Is there a file or list somewhere with all the keyboard shortcuts for skyline? I'm going through a large batch of peptides and replicates and my hands feel like falling off!


Brendan MacLean responded:  2011-09-16 10:38
Hi Tom,
Sorry, there is not. I agree that I should write one of these. For the time being, though, I have tried very hard to put everything with a useful keyboard shortcut on the menus, and the short-cuts are listed in those menus. So, explore the menus.

Please let me know, if you feel there is something important that is missing a useful keyboard shortcut.

Brendan MacLean responded:  2011-09-16 10:41
Hi Tom,
Also, if you would be willing to let me watch you work, I would be happy to set up a WebEx to determine if there is anything I can do to help improve the situation for you, whether that be teaching you shortcuts that exist in Skyline or implementing new shortcuts.

Even if I just teach you shortcuts that will give me ideas on what to document better.

thomlau responded:  2011-09-16 10:54
Thanks Brendan,
I found the main ones I need in the menu. I don't think there are any that currently missing and should be included. However, there are some such as "edit note" which would be better served by a single button rather than a "shift+ another keypress" but these are just little things that only affect you during marathon 8 hour skyline sessions!

Thanks again
Brendan MacLean responded:  2011-09-16 11:04
Hi Tom,
If you could add a complete list to this thread of the ones you find cumbersome but high use, I will make an effort to improve them.

Thanks for your feedback.

tobias.kockmann responded:  2017-07-06 03:43
Is there still no list of keybindings available?
Erik de Graaf responded:  2019-06-17 04:50
Indeed this is still something very much needed!
Allison Haase responded:  2019-10-01 10:02
Hi All,

Here is a list of the Key bindings I could easily find in the molecule interface. I hope it helps!

Edit – Undo                            Ctrl+Z
Edit – Redo                            Ctrl+Y
Edit – Cut                            Ctrl+X
Edit – Copy                            Ctrl+C
Edit – Paste                            Ctrl+V
Edit – Delete                            Del
Edit – Select All                        Ctrl+A
Edit – Find…                            Ctrl+F
Edit – Find Next                        F3
Edit – Edit Note                        Shift+F2
Edit – Manage Results                    Ctrl+R
Edit – Expand All – Molecule Lists                Ctrl+E
Edit – Expand All – Molecules                Ctrl+D
Edit – Expand All – Precursors                Ctrl+W
Edit – Collapse All – Molecule Lists                Ctrl+Shift+E
Edit – Collapse All – Molecules                Ctrl+Shift+D
Edit – Collapse All – Precursors                Ctrl+Shift+W
Edit – Integration – Apply Peak to All                Ctrl+Shift+A
Edit – Integration – Apply Peak to Subsequent        Ctrl+Shift+S
Edit – Integration – Remove Peak                Ctrl+Shift+R

File – New                            Ctrl+N
File – Open                            Ctrl+O
File – Save                            Ctrl+S

View – Arrange Graphs – Tiled                Ctrl+T
View – Arrange Graphs – Tabbed                Ctrl+Shift+T
View – Chromatograms – Previous Replicate        Ctrl+Up
View – Chromatograms – Next Replicate            Ctrl+Down
View – Transitions – All                    Shift+F10
View – Transitions – Precursors                Alt+F10
View – Transitions – Products                Ctrl+Alt+F10
View – Transitions – Single                    F10
View – Transitions – Total                    Ctrl+F10
View – Transform – None                    Shift+F12
View – Transform – Interpolated                F12
View – Transform – Second Derivative            Ctrl+F12
View – Transform – Savitzky-Golay Smoothing        Ctrl+Shift+F12
View – Auto-Zoom – None                    Shift+F11
View – Auto-Zoom – Best Peak                F11
View – Auto-Zoom – Retention Time Window        Ctrl+F11
View – Auto-Zoom – Both                    Ctrl+Shift+F11
View – Retention Times – Replicate Comparison        F8
View – Retention Times – Replicate Comparison        Ctrl+F8
View – Peak Areas – Replicate Comparison            F7
View – Peak Areas – Molecule Comparison            Ctrl+F7
View – Mass Errors – Replicate Comparison            F6
View – Mass Errors – Molecule Comparison            Ctrl+F6
View – Library Match                        Alt+1
View – Results Grid                        Alt+2
View – Document Grid                    Alt+3
View – Audit Log                        Alt+4
alexisn1 responded:  2022-01-20 05:27
Is there a shortcut for tab navigation? such as to switch replicate tabs in chromatogram view.
For example, I am modifying peak boundaries across 10 replicates over 100 targets. A shortcut to rotate tabs (for diff replicate chromatograms) would be really nice.
Nick Shulman responded:  2022-01-20 21:58
Ctrl + Up and Ctrl + Down are the keys to switch you between replicates.

By the way, have you seen the new "Synchronize Integration" right-click menu item on Chromatograms? That is useful if you want to set the peak boundaries on all of your replicates to the exact same thing start and end times, which may or may not be helpful for what you need to do.
-- Nick
roman sakson responded:  2022-01-21 15:30
Hi Skyline team,

what do you think about introducing two shortcuts for Peptide Settings... and Transition Settings..., if it's not too much work? At least during method development I need to go there a lot and I so often miss and click the wrong one, too... But, maybe, it's just me.

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-01-21 15:44
You can always use the "Alt" key to access menu items.
It's a standard Windows thing that as soon as you press the "Alt" key, letters on the menu items become underlined indicating what you would need to press to activate the menu item.
So, "Peptide Settings" is "Alt, S, P" and "Transition Settings" is "Alt, S, T".

Is that good enough, or are you asking for an even simpler key combination to bring these up?
-- Nick
roman sakson responded:  2022-01-21 15:56
Hi Nick,

this is great, I did not know that!

Thank you,
alexisn1 responded:  2022-01-22 04:47
Hi Nick,

Ctrl+up and Ctrl + down to navigate replicates as well as synchronize integration are life savers! Thank you for pointing these out!

Thank you,
tg responded:  2022-12-13 03:06
Hi all,

thanks for asking Tom, it's a great question!
And thanks to Allison for making a summary!

I was wondering if the "synchronized integration" menu (which is great) also deserves a keyboard shortcut.
Maybe Ctrl+Shift+I (for Integrations)?
Or possibly as a toggle between synchronized for all or just the current sample.

Using Windows approach (Alt+...) is far longer than right-click and selecting the context menu.

Keep up the great work!
Best regards,