A few helpful additons?

A few helpful additons? alejandro.cohen  2017-05-09
Hi Skyline (yes me again!),

I go through large datasets using Skyline, and I manually like to 'validate' peak integration by visually browsing through the XICs. I like setting the screen like seen in this screen shot. To make good use of screen real-estate, I stack 3 or 4 XICs and the Peak area windows and Retention times beside it. Here two feature requests which could help the manual/visual validation process:

- It would be very helpful if with the stroke of one key (Page up/down?) the next three replicates (or X resplicates, depending on the number of XICs in the screen) could automatically be seen in the XIC panes. Currently, you can use Ctrl up/down, but that only affects one of the XIC panes. Multiquant (Sciex) has this functionality, and it is quite helpful when browsing big datasets.

- Synchronized zooming would also be very helpful between the Peak Areas AND Retention Times widows. Linking the zooming between these windows would helpful.

Thanks Skyline!!

Brendan MacLean responded:  2017-06-09
Hi Alex,
Thanks for the suggestions. I have added them to the issues list to track.


Hopefully, they will happen in the next release cycle.