Avant-gard installation error

Avant-gard installation error elmira shajari  2022-05-30 12:26

When I want to install avant-garde in Skyline I encounter this error: the remote severe returned an error: (400) bad request.
Can you please guide me on how can I solve the problem?
My Skyline version is:

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-05-30 14:35
I am not sure what is causing that problem, but there is always another way to install external tools in Skyline.
You can go to the web page for that tool:
and click the "Download AvantGardeDIA" button.

This will result in a .zip file ("AvG_skylineexternaltool_v0.0.1.5.zip") being downloaded to your computer.
Then, in Skyline, you can use the menu item:
Tools > External Tools
to bring up the "External Tools" dialog.

In the External Tools dialog you can push the "Add > From File" button and choose the .zip file that you downloaded. Skyline will then go through the process of adding the tool and installing the version of R and R packages that the tool needs.

I will try to figure out what is causing the error that you are seeing. This workaround should allow you to use the AvantGardeDIA external tool in the meantime.
-- Nick
Kaipo Tamura responded:  2022-05-31 11:14
This bug will be fixed in the next Skyline-daily release.

sponce1 responded:  2022-10-19 09:16
Hi Skyline team,

Just updated to Skyline v22_2. I went to try to install Avant-Garde via external tool procedure described above, but during installation I got the following error 1 (picture attached). I hit clicked ok and got the error 2 (pictured attached). Could you please let me know the error?

sponce1 responded:  2022-10-19 09:20
here is the output from the Immediate Window to help identify location of error