Running Globalrefinement does not produce .csv files resulting in an error

Running Globalrefinement does not produce .csv files resulting in an error tsveth  2020-04-02 01:15


Currently I am trying to run AvG version in Skyline Daily Prep_1 and Prep_2 steps seem to work smoothly. However when I try to run any module in the Run_AvG_Module such as GlobalRefinement I get the error:

Warning messages:
[1] "Parallel: Done!"
1: In connection_release(conn@ptr) :
There are 1 result in use. The connection will be released when they are closed
2: In connection_release(conn@ptr) : Already disconnected
Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection
Calls: Read_AndFormatResults -> read.csv -> read.table -> file
In addition: Warning message:
In file(file, "rt") :
cannot open file 'C:/Users/tim_v/Downloads/': No such file or directory
Execution halted

The full Skyline log is attached. I noticed that the script does not create the csv files as it should in *\DataFormatting\TempFiles. This obviously results in an error because it tries to open non-existing files.

I got the same error in Skyline Daily and the regular Skyline build.
The same error appeared on two different PC's.
The attached changelog is with R3.6.3 and the latest updates of the requirement packages.
The same error was returned when downgrading the packages to the minimal required versions as described in the AvG github page.
To minimize errors, I'm currently trying to run AvG on the demo set also provided in the AvG github page.

What could I try to fix the problem?

Any help is much appreciated!

S.Vaca responded:  2020-04-02 13:30


Thanks for your feedback! Could you export the report called "AvantGardeDIA_Export" and share it with me so I can take a look at it? This report is the input file for Avant-garde and that's a good starting point to debug it.


tsveth responded:  2020-04-02 14:25

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for the help! Attached the AvantGardeDIA_Export report.

tsveth responded:  2020-04-02 14:28

The site gives an error (maybe due to the files size of the csv?).

So therefore also a wetransfer link to the report:

Thank you!