Problem installing latest skyline version (351)

Problem installing latest skyline version (351) simondbourque  2023-04-27 06:44


I'm getting an error when installing he current version (351) with either the standard install or the unplugged, see attached log.

Installing the previous unplugged version (312) works fine but check for updates does not prompt to update to 351.


Nick Shulman responded:  2023-04-27 08:23
The error in your log file seems to indicate that it did not successfully download the file "Clearcore2.RawXYProcessing.dll".
There is nothing particular special about that file, so I think what happened was that there was a random network error and that if you were to try to install again, it would either succeed, or you would get a similar error on a different file.

What sort of error did you get when you tried to use the "unplugged" installer? I suspect that the error you got with the unplugged installer was completely different.
I think that your computer might be having network troubles and that if you try installing more times, it will probably eventually succeed.
Also, I believe that every time this fails, you are getting a slightly different error. If you could post the log files from your other failed attempts, we might be able to come up with a better theory about what is going wrong.
-- Nick