ion mobility view does not work anymore

ion mobility view does not work anymore kristina marx  2023-03-24 01:31

I want to analyze timsTOF data and want to check the ion mobility. After updating skyline daily to the ion mobility view is now empty.
To set up appropriate target windows it is necessary to check the ion mobility in addition to e.g., RT.
The view did work in the previous version.
Hope this bug is fixed soon.


Brendan MacLean responded:  2023-03-24 05:33

Hi Kristina,
It would be very surprising if we had completely broken this in the latest update. Is this what you got simply by clicking on a precursor chromatogram? Have you tried clicking the magnifying glass button to zoom out and then zoom back in again? I got something like this recently with Skyline 22.2, teaching diaPASEF data at the recent course in Dortmund. I was able to get what I want displayed by forcing some updates of this graph. I wasn't happy and made mental note to play with this more when I get home, but I am not sure what you are seeing is entirely new and I would be surprised if you cannot get this graph to show you anything at all.

Hope you find the issue less persistent than you fear. We will certainly take a closer look soon.


kristina marx responded:  2023-03-24 05:43

Hi Brendan,

thanks for your response. Zooming did not work.
But I now clicked on "show 2D spectrum" and then did another click on the icon, then ion mobility appeared.

Thanks for the hint :-)

Brendan MacLean responded:  2023-03-24 05:55

Thanks for the update. We'll figure out what happened to make it less reliable than it was. I suspect the change happened months ago.

Glad you were able to get it working again.