Using previously calculated calibration curve equation

Using previously calculated calibration curve equation mshubham  2023-03-02 17:46

We have calibration curve equations determined for all our molecules (Lipids) in an excel sheet, but we do not have all the raw files. Is there any way in Skyline that I can import the calibration curve equation and calculate the concentrations?

Nick Shulman responded:  2023-03-02 17:57
No. I cannot think of any way to do something like that in Skyline.

Typically, when you have extra data about your peptides that you want to include in Skyline, you would define some custom annotations ("Settings > Document Settings > Annotations" and then fill in the values using the Document Grid. However, there would be no way to tell Skyline to do anything with those annotations such as multiplying them by other numbers. The annotation values would just sit there, but they might make it easier if you wanted to include them on a report that you export to Excel.
-- Nick
mshubham responded:  2023-03-03 09:37
Thanks for your quick response.
Do I need calibration curve raw files for all the analytes (36 in my case) for every mass spec run I do for different samples? Isn't this make things more complicated?
Nick Shulman responded:  2023-03-03 09:53
We recommend that you use a technique called "Single point calibration".

With the single point calibration technique, the only time that you use your full set of calibration points is when you are trying to determine where the linear range of your analytes are.
Once you have determined that all of your analytes are in the linear range, and you want to start quantifying unknown samples, you would include a single external standard on each of the plates that you run through the mass spectrometer.

There is a discussion of this in this paper:
-- Nick