AutoQC-no updating of raw files

AutoQC-no updating of raw files danielacgranato  2022-12-16 06:40

We have just installed AutoQC to monitor our System suitability runs, but although we were able to generate a file with 3 runs in Panorama, it does not update the new runs added to the folder. It does not move forward from "waiting for files". Could you help us troubleshoot this issue? I have attached the skyline file document (.zip) were using and the error log information. Please let us know if you need other files. Thank you very much. Best, Daniela

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-12-16 11:40
It looks like there are two separate errors in the text file that you attached:
[12/16/2022 9:56:59 AM] ERROR: Failure attempting to write the file D:\EXPLORIS_DATA\Sys\16dez22_QC_iRT_template_Exploris.skyd
[12/16/2022 9:56:59 AM] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

and the other error is:
[12/16/2022 9:57:02 AM] ERROR: Message: pwiz.Skyline.Model.Results.ChromCacheBuildException: Failed importing results file 'D:\EXPLORIS_DATA\Sys_PRM_Exploris_raws\13dez22_Sys_PRM_scheduled_50cm_110min_2.raw'.
[12/16/2022 9:57:02 AM] [RawFileImpl::ctor()] Corrupt RAW file D:\EXPLORIS_DATA\Sys_PRM_Exploris_raws\13dez22_Sys_PRM_scheduled_50cm_110min_2.raw ---> System.Exception: [RawFileImpl::ctor()] Corrupt RAW file D:\EXPLORIS_DATA\Sys_PRM_Exploris_raws\13dez22_Sys_PRM_scheduled_50cm_110min_2.raw

I am not sure what might be causing the first error. If you had another instance of Skyline running and were looking at the same Skyline document, then that could certainly cause the error. That error does not have anything to do with the contents of "16dez22_QC_iRT_template_Exploris.skyd", it is just saying that some other program is looking at that file when Skyline is trying to change it. Sometimes the problem is that Skyline itself is looking at it, and forgot to close the file before trying to change it.

The other error sounds like there is a problem with "13dez22_Sys_PRM_scheduled_50cm_110min_2.raw". Do you want to send that file to us? We might be able to figure out what is wrong with it, or it might be the file really is corrupted and there is nothing we can do.
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-- Nick