Skyline-daily Program Won't Open

Skyline-daily Program Won't Open ehubb004  2020-09-22

Yesterday, for no clear reason, the skyline-daily program (the most current version) stopped opening on my computer. When I try to open it, my computer briefly registers that it's loading, but nothing actually happens, and task manager never registers Skyline activity. I've tried restarting my computer, as well as completely reinstalling skyline-daily and even redownloading the installer program, but nothing has affected this issue.

Nick Shulman responded:  2020-09-22
Here is the page with tips about recovering from a broken Skyline installation:

It talks about how to go into the Apps/2.0 directory and delete everything starting with "skyl". That might fix things for you.

One thing that might be going on is that the Start Menu shortcut that you are using to start Skyline-Daily is doing something else. For instance, if there are any extra command line parameters when Skyline is started, the Skyline window will not come up. Instead, Skyline will try to interpret the commandline, and will probably output an error, but you would never see that error.

Sometimes people have better success with the Unplugged Installer:
or the Administrator installer:

-- Nick
ehubb004 responded:  2020-09-23
I used one of the other installers and that fixed the issue, thanks!