Purple bands on chromatograms

Purple bands on chromatograms samyukta sah  2020-04-12


I have been getting some purple bands across my chromatograms and it looks like it's happening when I manually select the peak boundaries. I was wondering if I could know why exactly that's happening and if they could be removed? I have attached a picture of it. Also I was wondering if there is a way of displaying the full names of my analytes on the chromatogram?

Thank you

Nick Shulman responded:  2020-04-12
When you manually adjust the peak boundaries in Skyline, the purple rectangle shows you where the peak that Skyline originally chose was.

You can hide those rectangles by right-clicking on the chromatogram and unchecking "Original Peak".
-- Nick
Nick Shulman responded:  2020-04-12
Also, to answer your other question, no, it is not possible to change the way that Skyline shortens the molecule names when Skyline displays multiple molecules in the chromatogram graph.

Sometimes it is possible to copy a graph out of Skyline using the "Copy Metafile" right-click menu item and then pasting that into an image editor which knows about metafiles. If you are preparing images for publication, sometimes that technique works for making small changes to the text.

-- Nick